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The small details are important to me along with making mundane moments feel special. Travel inspires me (even if just out the front door for the morning) and being in God’s creation renews me. I believe we were made to create because the creator of the universe literally created us!! Creativity lives in all of us, and I’m grateful I get to do this for a living. Creating may look different for me in different seasons of life, but in this season, it looks like working with and for small business owners like you - taking your purpose, vision, and goals and making them visual.   

Claire –  lover of good coffee, neutral colors, & simple moments

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I was born and raised in a small town in Southwest Iowa. My husband and I just recently moved to Southern Missouri and the newness of the city is starting to wear off as we find our favorite locations and go-to spots. However, Iowa is home for us, and that nostalgic feeling of ‘going home’ never gets old. I love Jesus, dreaming up business ideas, taking walks as the sun goes down, iced oat milk lattes, cooking a new recipe after a long day of work, finding the perfect font, reading fiction on my kindle, and chatting with others about things they are passionate about. Including you!! I can’t wait to hear more about what’s been on your mind. 

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